Onyx AI

Embrace a new form of partnership, collaboration and mentoring  for your team and overall organisation,  delivered by experts with blue-chip experience.  We are here to strengthen your will power to succeed 


Bringing products and solutions to market is a critical function of any business. We will support you by leading you through the commercialisation steps and by applying the detailed focus and rigour required to succeed in the market. We provide four stages of commercialisation support : "Market analysis and positioning", "Clinical validation and approvals", "Product launch & market entry", "Market expansion and scaling-up".     


The need for sound financial management underpins all growth businesses, independent of size.  We have proven expertise in what "best in class" looks like when it comes to finance processes, cash and cost management, supporting funding bids, financial planning & analysis, reporting, compliance and risk management. Building financial capability aligned to your strategic objectives will provide the external reassurance your business needs to grow.


Building and motivating high-performance teams is a critical Leadership trait. We provide mentoring and guidance to enable leaders to develop coherent and actionable strategy, as well as to resource and develop their growing organisation. We have lived the leadership journey and know how fundamental this is to success, from start-up to multinational corporations.  

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